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Download the question papers of CBSE UGC NET Jan 2017 which was held on 10.07.2016. The Question papers of CBSE UGC NET July 2016 are available here from the official website

The question papers of the previous year are very helpful for the aspirants of CBSE UGC NET Test. Through questions papers, UGC NET Aspirants can easily understand the pattern and the important topics for the exam.

Here, you can download the previous year question papers of CBSE UGC NET July 2016 of PAPER I, PAPER II, AND PAPER III for better understanding the patterns along with syllabus on which the questions were focused.


Download Updated (New) Syllabus of UGC NET Exam


Download CBSE UGC NET Question Papers of JAN 2017 for Paper I, Paper II, and Paper III


CBSE UGC NET Question Papers – July 2016
J-0016 _P-I-Set-A.pdf J-0016 _P-I-Set-B.pdf
J-0016 _P-I-Set-C.pdf J-0016 _P-I-Set-D.pdf
J-01-16-II _Economics.pdf
J-02-16-II _Political Science.pdf
J-03-16-II _Philosophy.pdf
J-04-16-II _Psychology.pdf
J-05-16-II _Sociology.pdf
J-06-16-II _History.pdf
J-07-16-II _Anthropology.pdf
J-08-16-II _Commerce.pdf
J-09-16-II _Education.pdf
J-10-16-II _Social Work.pdf
J-11-16-II _Defence & Stratagy.pdf
J-12-16-II _Home Science.pdf
J-14-16-II _Public Admin..pdf
J-15-16-II _Pop..pdf
J-16-16-II _Hindustani Music.pdf
J-17-16-II _Management.pdf
J-18-16-II _Maithili.pdf
J-19-16-II Bengali.pdf
J-20-16-II _Hindi.pdf
J-21-16-II _Kannada.pdf
J-22-16 Malayalam.pdf
J-23-16 _Odia.pdf
J-24-16-II _Punjabi.pdf
J-25-16-II _Sanskrit.pdf
J-26-16 Tamil.pdf
J-27-16-II _Telugu.pdf
J-28-16 Urdu.pdf
J-29-16 Arabic.pdf
J-30-16-II _English.pdf
J-31-16-II _Linguistic.pdf
J-32-16-II _Chinese.pdf
J-33-16-II _Dogri.pdf
J-34-16-II _Nepali.pdf
J-35-16-II _Manipuri.pdf
J-36-16-II _Assamese.pdf
J-37-14-II _Gujarati.pdf
J-38-16-II _Marathi.pdf
J-39-16-II _Freench.pdf
J-40-16-II _Spanish.pdf
J-42-16 Persian.pdf
J-43-16-II _Rajasthani.pdf
J-44-16-II _German.pdf
J-45-16 _Japanese.pdf
J-46-16-II _Adult Edu.pdf
J-47-16-II _Physical Edu.pdf
J-49-16-II _Arab Cul, & Ism Stu..pdf
J-50-16-II _Indian Culture.pdf
J-55-16-II _Labour Welfare & Industrial Relation.pdf
J-58-16-II _Law.pdf
J-59-13-II _Library and Information Science.pdf
J-60-16-II _Bhud. Jain, Gan.pdf
J-62-16-II _Com. Stu. Relg.pdf
J-63-16-II _Mass Communication & Journalism.pdf
J-65-16-II _Dance.pdf
J-66-16-II _Mus & Consve.pdf
J-67-16-II _Archeology.pdf
J-68-II-16 _Criminology.pdf
J-70-16-II _Tri. & Reg. Lang. Lit.pdf
J-71-16-II _Folk Literature.pdf
J-72-16-II _Comparative Lit.pdf
J-73-16-II _Sanskrit Traditional.pdf
J-74-16-II _Women Studies.pdf
J-79-16-II _Visual Arts.pdf
J-80-16-II _Geography.pdf
J-81-16-II _Social Medicine.pdf
J-82-16-II _Forensic Science.pdf
J-83-16-II _Pali.pdf
J-84-16-II Kashmiri.pdf
J-85-14-II _Konkani.pdf
J-87-16-II _Comp.pdf
J-88-16-II _Elect. Sci.pdf
J-89-16-II _Env.pdf
J-90-16-II _International and Area Studies.pdf
J-91-16 _Prakrit.pdf
J-92-16-II _Hum. Rig.pdf
J-93-16-II _Tou. Adm. & Mgmt.pdf
J-94-16-II _Bodo.pdf
J-95-16-II _Santali.pdf
J-96-16-II _Karnatak Music.pdf
J-97-16-II _Rabindra Sangit.pdf
J-98-16-II _Percussion Inst.pdf
J-99-16-II _Drama & Theatre.pdf
J-01-16-III _Economics.pdf
J-02-16-III _Political Science.pdf
J-03-16-III _Philosophy.pdf
J-04-16-III _Psychology.pdf
J-05-16-III _Sociology.pdf
J-06-16-III _History.pdf
J-07-16-III _Anthropology.pdf
J-08-16-III _Commerce.pdf
J-09-16-III _Education.pdf
J-10-16-III _Social Work.pdf
J-11-16-III _Defence & Strategic.pdf
J-12-16-III _Home Science.pdf
J-14-16-III _Public Admin-F.pdf
J-15-16-III _Pop. Stud-F.pdf
J-16-16-III _Hindustani Music.pdf
J-17-16-III _Management.pdf
J-18-16-III _Maithili_F.pdf
J-19-16-III _Bengali_F.pdf
J-20-16-III _Hindi_F.pdf
J-21-16-III _Kannada_F.pdf
J-22-16 _Malayalam_F.pdf
J-23-16 _Odia.pdf
J-24-16-III _Punjabi_F.pdf
J-25-16-III _Sanskrit_F.pdf
J-26-16 – P-III _Tamil_F.pdf
J-27-16-III _Telugu_F.pdf
J-28-16 Urdu.pdf
J-29-16 Arabic.pdf
J-30-16-III _English_F.pdf
J-31-14-III _Linguistic.pdf
J-32-16-III _Chinese_F.pdf
J-33-16-III _Dogri_F.pdf
J-34-16-III _Nepali_F.pdf
J-35-16-III _Manipuri_F.pdf
J-36-16-III _Assamese_F.pdf
J-37-14-III _Gujarati_F.pdf
J-38-16-III _Marathi_F.pdf
J-39-16-III _Freench_F.pdf
J-40-III-16 _Spanish_F.pdf
J-41-16 _Russian-III_F.pdf
J-42-16 Persian.pdf
J-43-16-III _Rajasthani_F.pdf
J-44-16 _German-III_F.pdf
J-45-16-III _ Japanese _F.pdf
J-46-16-III _Adult Education.pdf
J-47-16-III _Physical Education.pdf
J-49-16-III _Arab Cul & Islm-F.pdf
J-50-16-III _Indian Culture.pdf
J-55-16-III _Labour Wel-F.pdf
J-58-16-III _LAW.pdf
J-60-16-III _Bhu, Jai, Gan Pea Stu.pdf
J-62-16-III _Comp. Stu. of Rel.pdf
J-63-16-III _Mas Communication & Journalism.pdf
J-65-16-III _Dance.pdf
J-66-14-III _Museology & Conservation.pdf
J-67-16-III _Archeology_F.pdf
J-68-16-III _Criminology.pdf
J-70-16-III _Tri. Reg. Lan-F.pdf
J-71-16-III _Folk Literature.pdf
J-72-16-III _Comparative Lit-F.pdf
J-73-16-III _Sanskrit Traditional_F.pdf
J-74-16-III _Women Studies.pdf
J-79-16-III _Visual Arts.pdf
J-80-16-III _Geography.pdf
J-81-16-III _Social Medicine.pdf
J-82-16-III _Forensic Science.pdf
J-83-16-III _Pali.pdf
J-84-16-III Kashmiri.pdf
J-85-16-III _Konkani_F.pdf
J-87-14-III _Computer Science.pdf
J-88-16-III _Elect-F.pdf
J-89-16-III _Env. Sci-F.pdf
J-90-16-III _International Area Studies-F.pdf
J-91-16-III _Prakrit_F.pdf
J-92-16-III _Hum. Rig. & Dut-F.pdf
J-93-16-III _Tour. Adm. Magmt-F.pdf
J-94-16-III _Bodo_F.pdf
J-95-16-III _Santali_F.pdf
J-96-16-III _Karnatak Music.pdf
J-97-16-III _Rabindra Sangit_F.pdf
J-98-16-III _Percussion Instr-F.pdf
J-99-16-III _Dram & Theatre.pdf