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CBSE UGC NET Solved Paper 1 November 2017

CBSE UGC NET November 2017 Solved Paper 1   Note: This paper consists of Fifty (50) objective type questions of Two (2) marks each. All questions are compulsory.   Which of the following set of statements best represents the nature and objective of teaching and learning ? (a) Teaching is like selling and learning is like […]

CBSE UGC NET Previous Year December 2015 Solved Paper 1

Greater the handicap of the students coming to the educational institutions, greater the demand on the : (1) Family (2) Society (3) Teacher (4) State Answer (3) Teacher What are the characteristics of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ? (a) It increases the workload on students by taking multiple tests. (b) It replaces marks with grades. […]

CBSE UGC NET Previous Year December 2014 Solved Paper 1

1. CSS stands for (A) Cascading Style Sheets (B) Collecting Style Sheets (C) Comparative Style Sheets (D) Comprehensive Style Sheets Answer: (A)   2. MOOC stands for (A) Media Online Open Course (B) Massachusetts Open Online Course (C) Massive Open Online Course (D) Myrind Open Online Course Answer: (C)   3. Binary equivalent of decimal number 35 […]

UGC NET Previous Year June 2014 Solved Paper 1

1. Break-down in verbal communication is described as(A) Short Circuit (B) Contradiction (C) Unevenness (D) Entropy Answer: (D)   2. The Telephone Model of Communication was first developed in the area of (A) Technological theory (B) Dispersion theory (C) Minimal effects theory (D) Information theory Answer: (D)   3. The Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013 has […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2013 Solved Paper 1

1. The post-industrial society is designated as (A) Information society (B) Technology society (C) Mediated society (D) Non-agricultural society Answer: (A)   2. The initial efforts for internet based communication was for (A) Commercial communication (B) Military purposes (C) Personal interaction (D) Political campaigns Answer: (B)   3. Internal communication within institutions done through (A) LAN (B) […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2012 Solved Paper 1

1. The English word ‘Communication’ is derived from the words (A) Communis and Communicare (B) Communist and Commune (C) Communism and Communalism (D) Communion and Common sense Answer: (A)   2. Chinese Cultural Revolution leader Mao Zedong used a type of communication to talk to the masses is known as (A) Mass line communication (B) Group […]

UGC NET Previous Year June 2012 Solved Paper 1

1. Video-Conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication : (A) Visual one way (B) Audio-Visual one way (C) Audio-Visual two way (D) Visual two way Answer: (C)   2. MC National University of Journalism and Communication is located at (A) Lucknow (B) Bhopal (C) Chennai (D) Mumbai Answer: (B)   3. All […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2011 Solved Paper 1

1. Photo bleeding means (A) Photo cropping (B) Photo placement (C) Photo cutting (D) Photo colour adjustment Answer: (D) 2. While designing communication strategy feed-forward studies are conducted by (A) Audience (B) Communicator (C) Satellite (D) Media Answer: (B) 3. In which language the newspapers have highest circulation? (A) English (B) Hindi (C) Bengali (D) […]