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CBSE UGC NET Previous Year December 2015 Solved Paper 1

Greater the handicap of the students coming to the educational institutions, greater the demand on the : (1) Family (2) Society (3) Teacher (4) State Answer (3) Teacher What are the characteristics of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ? (a) It increases the workload on students by taking multiple tests. (b) It replaces marks with grades. […]

CBSE UGC NET Previous Year December 2014 Solved Paper 1

1. CSS stands for (A) Cascading Style Sheets (B) Collecting Style Sheets (C) Comparative Style Sheets (D) Comprehensive Style Sheets Answer: (A)   2. MOOC stands for (A) Media Online Open Course (B) Massachusetts Open Online Course (C) Massive Open Online Course (D) Myrind Open Online Course Answer: (C)   3. Binary equivalent of decimal number 35 […]

UGC NET Previous Year June 2014 Solved Paper 1

1. Break-down in verbal communication is described as(A) Short Circuit (B) Contradiction (C) Unevenness (D) Entropy Answer: (D)   2. The Telephone Model of Communication was first developed in the area of (A) Technological theory (B) Dispersion theory (C) Minimal effects theory (D) Information theory Answer: (D)   3. The Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013 has […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2013 Solved Paper 1

1. The post-industrial society is designated as (A) Information society (B) Technology society (C) Mediated society (D) Non-agricultural society Answer: (A)   2. The initial efforts for internet based communication was for (A) Commercial communication (B) Military purposes (C) Personal interaction (D) Political campaigns Answer: (B)   3. Internal communication within institutions done through (A) LAN (B) […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2012 Solved Paper 1

1. The English word ‘Communication’ is derived from the words (A) Communis and Communicare (B) Communist and Commune (C) Communism and Communalism (D) Communion and Common sense Answer: (A)   2. Chinese Cultural Revolution leader Mao Zedong used a type of communication to talk to the masses is known as (A) Mass line communication (B) Group […]

UGC NET Previous Year June 2012 Solved Paper 1

1. Video-Conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication : (A) Visual one way (B) Audio-Visual one way (C) Audio-Visual two way (D) Visual two way Answer: (C)   2. MC National University of Journalism and Communication is located at (A) Lucknow (B) Bhopal (C) Chennai (D) Mumbai Answer: (B)   3. All […]

UGC NET Previous Year December 2011 Solved Paper 1

1. Photo bleeding means (A) Photo cropping (B) Photo placement (C) Photo cutting (D) Photo colour adjustment Answer: (D) 2. While designing communication strategy feed-forward studies are conducted by (A) Audience (B) Communicator (C) Satellite (D) Media Answer: (B) 3. In which language the newspapers have highest circulation? (A) English (B) Hindi (C) Bengali (D) […]

UGC NET Previous Year June 2011 Solved Paper 1

1. A research paper is a brief report of research work based on (A) Primary Data only (B) Secondary Data only (C) Both Primary and Secondary Data (D) None of the above Answer: (C)   2. Newton gave three basic laws of motion. This research is categorized as (A) Descriptive Research (B) Sample Survey (C) Fundamental […]